Wtf Gamers Presents: The Expense of DLC and why we Should not Deal With It

Beast Gamer Kuma

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3 Responses

  1. Iselynne says:

    Many very good points here. The concept of DLCs never sat right with me. Most of the DLCs I have played over the years (and tbh, it isn’t many) have not felt worth the price. In most cases they seem to be hastily put together for a quick cash grab. I also abhor the concept of Day 1 DLC that basically tells you that they removed something from the main game in order to sqeeze out some extra dollars from you on release. That you can pre-order season passes before a game is out also tells you that the company are holding things back in order to get you to pay more. In most cases, you’re not even told what the season pass will cover, so you are essentially spending your money blindly.
    I very rarely buy DLCs. If I do spend money on one, it is usually already released so I can properly do research on whether it will be worth it or not. I flat out refuse to spend money on costume packs and vanity items, for example.

    • Kuma Baity says:

      I can’t stand when a Store clerk can’t tell me what is in the DLC for me to pre-order and try to sell me the idea of that I am missing out on something great. Okay then I guess I will be missing out.

  2. Debbie says:

    I very rarely buy DLCs mostly because I don’t think it will help me enjoy the game that much more. Plus I’m used to playing games that have free DLC every month such as Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, etc.

    But then there’s episodic content (which might be an entire subject on it’s own) such as Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead and Life is Strange, where I’d try to buy all of the episodes upfront instead of paying individually.

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