Wait, a Mega Man Movie in the Works? Should we be Worried?

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5 Responses

  1. jaganar says:

    only two anime titles ever made it overseas with almost no damage ill give you a minute to think on who that is….





    1) Speed Racer
    2) Evangelion ( aka Pacific Rim which was NErv vs lovecraftian horrors) .

    every thing else has been a train wreck even astroboy which no one remembers except for a lot of toys i found in a dollar store in allerton a few months after the movie came out ( and i mean actual toys not bootlegs).

    i only trust deltoro to do megaman right (but we all know that fox wont get him cus they ***AND FORGIVE ME FOR BURYING MEGAMAN WITH THIS**have to get the career killer **shamalan** to do it or a guy who did a lot of found footage movies cus those directors are hot right now >__>)

    when you think about it , these days they could just hire the writer for the megaman fanfilms (as THE ROCKER proves holywood checks youtube a lot) but no they want to end it all and give us traumatic crap like TEKKEN -USA or DBZ-USA or JEM (which is just a YOUTUBE STAR with zero things from back in the day) rather than trust a fanbase .
    a lot of fan movies (ash vs evil dead /dc dead , batman vs predator, predator dark ages) show holywood how its done , but rather than pay for the idea and give audiences what we want they try and go with their *established* formula ; and that today means more found footage cus audiences are dumb as *censored* with the attentionspan of a goldfish .

    im praying that you did see CASSHERN when japan did it right 🙂 …when in doubt just give it back to papa J cus more times than not japan will treat their titles with respect and give fans what we want ( looking at you toho )

    • Yea, but logically speaking they will never hire someone with the capacity to do a great movie. I don’t know why that is, but thats how hollywood works in some cases.

      • jaganar says:

        its at times like this that i wish JAPAN would show us how its done ( CASHAN ROBOT HUNTER,GACHAMAN) cus they are all furious at us for torpedoing their franchises to death *with the exception of BIOHAZARD – usa , which i actually enjoy*

        dont get me started about THUNDERTHIGHS godzilla *bleh*

  2. Sakurai Kojima Mikami says:

    Well, since Roll and Megaman are not biologically related and dont have physicall traits that would make us think they are related I dont see the problem even if have same builder, a problem would be if they really looked like brother and sister like astroboy and uran and just to let you know astroboy and uran have different builder/creator; and is hilarious that this pairing is unacceptable to the same people who want to ship RollxBass despite the fact that Roll looks like a little kid of about 9-11 and Bass has the constitution and the face of a teenager about 16 years old; and is also funny that in Archi Comics from USa version the authors are despicting Iceman having a crush on Roll but treating Roll and Megaman as sbling which makes the icemanxroll awkward since that also would make him Rolls sibling since h was also created by Dr Light

    This kind of sort resembles a situation where kids could have been created by artificial fecundation in vitro with different semen and ovum samples and each kid being the result of different mix combinations of these samples; and its not like these kids will be related just because they have the same creator

    And well, its not like RollxMegaman hasnt been officially suggested by Capcom in games like Megaman Powered Up where copy Roll teases Roll about her feeling for Megaman and original Roll basically confirms this with a quote she does while using the valentine custome:


    Even official japanese mangas approved by Capcom have clear indications of a crush from Roll to Megaman:
















    Even the Megaman Officical Complete Works(done by same guy who made megamix and gigamix) has pics that despict Roll having romantic feelings for megaman:



    • Damn is part of what I have to say because you went in on the knowledge and I approve. Honestly the roll in love with megaman thing is not uncommon since in the Japanese animes they do that a lot where the sister or brother have some weird love for their own siblings. You are correct they technically are not related, but the stories have changed a lot even in MegaMan NTWarrior where Roll is Mega’s Friend and they have a love interest a bit. So yes I do agree now that they could spark some romance if they follow a different storyline.

      In movies stories change where I would be okay with some slight tweaks not too much to ruin the story, but enough to still be enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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