Transformers Devastation Review

Beast Gamer Kuma

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4 Responses

  1. Barry Harden says:

    Too bad there’s no multiplayer.

    • Honestly not everything needs multiplayer. This is a strong game on its own and I definitely miss single player titles.

      • Barry Harden says:

        Problem with single player games is that there’s no replay value for most people who finish the game. It just ends.

        Multiplayer at least brings replay value for your money.

        • well that again remains to be scene since many games have a trophy system that brings in the replay value. In this case for Transformers there are a lot of trophies to force you play it again to beat the game with each transformer fully. Also many other points systems. for For 49.99 you will get what you paid for.

          Besides many games that don’t need it like Tomb Raider was horribly done. It felt like a slap on it. Uncharted had it too, but that was fun, however it really didn’t need it.

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