Tales of Hearts R Review


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6 Responses

  1. Zara says:

    Great…another game to add to my backlog, as if I needed another one of those with DA:I, FC4, AC:U, and a slew of other games now and into the future taking up my time. Sadly the last Tales game I actually completed was Symphonia on the gamecube (god I loved that game).

    • Iselynne says:

      I never played Symphonia, but I am very interested in the HD remake for PS3 that came out recently. Ended up buying Xillia first, but that one was very dissapointing. Vesperia was very good too (if you have an Xbox 360).
      My backlog of games is growing at an alarming rate as well. Doesn’t help that I started WoW again either. But December and January should be quiet gaming wise, so hope to do some catching up then.

  2. Dragon says:

    You know….. after reading this – now I want to get the game and play it myself. Thanks my Captain – like I don’t have a lot of games I haven’t already played or even started yet LOL This is a great review.

    • Iselynne says:

      Thank you so much Dragon! Too bad I can’t stream Vita games or I would have streamed this. It is a lot of fun.
      I feel you about the backlog though. I have so many unplayed games on my shelf as well.

  3. Zara says:

    So I picked up the game last night, and you forgot to mention something EXTREMELY important imo…there is no english voice acting, it is all in Japanese. This takes any starting score I’d give the game down from 5/5 to 3/5 automatically. Obviously it could just be my opinion, but I hate hate hate hate HATE Japanese voice acting…but honestly, they went through the trouble of redoing the game from the ground up, so why didn’t they add english voice overs?

    • Iselynne says:

      I didn’t realize that languages could be such an issue. I’ll remember that next time. But I don’t think language matters on the quality of the game itself. That is like saying a film is bad because everyone speaks Spanish. (There is also info on the box about the language.)
      But I’m sure you can turn off the voice acting and just read the text if you want. I do know many Tales fans who are upset that the previous games did NOT come with Japanese voices in the US/EU. So it’s all down to personal taste, I think.

      As for why not using English voice cast: It’s all economics. Namco Bandai didn’t even concider releasing the game in the West at first because the Vita has sold so poorly here. That means poor sales for their game by default. The amount of money it would cost to get Voice Actors for that amount of characters and dialogue is most likely not worth it when compared to the money the game would actually make. They need to make a profit, after all.

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