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Arboria Screen Opening 0

Beastly Review of Arboria

All right a new indie title given to me to review called Arboria and it is a roguelike action rpg, which is in Early Access right now.


Rurouni Kenshin Jump Force Trailer is Live

Last week we received amazing screenshots of not only Kenshin Himura and Sishio. As well, of course, full details on character customization. Today we are gifted with gameplay footage of these two combatants in a...


Double Kick Heroes Review

You can’t have a Zombie Apocalypse without having some metal music roaring in the background. Anything that deals with a Rock Band and zombies trying to eat your flesh has to come with an...


A Case of Distrust Preview

2018 is a New year with new games and winter ain’t wasting no time folks. Well for those of you PC folks who love fulling your steam libraries, you can mark your calendars as well...