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The Caligula Effect – Review (PS Vita)

How is it going Dudes and Dudettes, bringing first impressions on The Caligula Effect, new gem coming out May 2nd in North America and May 9th in Europe. It is good to note that...


Mechrunner – Review (PS4)

What’s going on dudes and dudettes, and I’m bringing you my first series of First Impressions with Mechrunner, available meow on PS4 and PC.


Uncharted – The Lost Legacy DLC

What’s going on internutz, and oh boy! We are getting an Uncharted DLC August 22nd, 2017!! Free if you own a copy of Uncharted 4 or sold as a stand-alone. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy¬†will...


A Little Introduction

Hello KumaKreations readers and fellow gamers! Iselynne here! As the newest member of the KumaKreations team I wanted to write down a few words to introduce myself and the work I will be doing...