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Halo Series Coming to Showtime

I am not surprised that a TV series is being developed for Showtime. For a while now we have two animated movies and two live-action films that worked well. Now Showtime is now jumping...


Resident Evil Vendetta Review

I will never understand the insane nature of bringing the dead back to life. Imean if we are going to talk about the science behind it all it is not genuinely possible for the...


We Happy Few as a Featured Film

For those of you that probably forgotten like I almost did about the upcoming eccentric video game “We Happy Few“. I mean the last I heard was the demo they set out last year...


Skin Trade Review

Check out my Review of this new action flick with a deep message of human trafficking with Skin Trade.


CHAPPiE Review

Did our review of the movie Chappie which came from the directors of District 9 so please check it out and be warned some spoilers.


Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Kuma here with his review of the latest animated feature from the famed Marvel Comic book Big Hero 6, check it out!