So you Prestige? But are you Really That Good?

Beast Gamer Kuma

I am just a beast who is a gamer named Kuma here to bring you all my opinions on the latest games and other things in our gamer, geek, and nerd culture. I am born and raised in New York City where things stay popping and the culture is always fresh. I hope you enjoy the content. - Beast Out -

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6 Responses

  1. Dirkster_Dude says:

    The games that you’re complaining about are trying to attract more customers and be more inclusive with players that can quite cut it. I probably fell into that category. I bought HALO 3 and COD games for a long time then guess what? It became to competitive and now I take my $60 elsewhere because of it. On top of that the “trash talkers” as you call them seem to be mean spirited 12-year olds with nothing better to do than play video games all day. You can’t even get experience because to many people are veterans and don’t want to play with you or some such crap. I also think the leveling system favored “expert” players to much especially when they could receive extra NPC support in the form of dogs, helicopters, planes and nuclear weapons to hunt down said newbies. And those newbies that you complain the game has been dumbed down for are scratching there heads about why they bothered to even try to be competitive.

    • Kuma Baity says:

      I don’t think the leveling system caters to expert players because I have seen many bad players get to the same rank as expert gamers, especially with Double XP weekends where everyone can level up with no problems.

      • Dirkster_Dude says:

        And I don’t have that type of patience to put up with constant airstrikes, helicopter assaults, and being nuked because the other side has all the rewards due to being better players. I have to work 5 times as hard and endure ridicule, glitching, and in the case of some games being kicked simply because I’m not good enough. It isn’t worth my time or effort. In 1 CoD match I was killed more than 20 times and not a single 1 was from the actual player shooting me. It was all the rewards they got for the kill streaks.

  2. zblacktt says:

    To much cheating online to even care. Just play the game and enjoy it.

  3. BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ says:

    Most of what it comes down to is more and more company’s and video game franchises are worried about sales and how many different target buyers can they get.. Cod is a Mature 17+ game, yet they target children, Battlefield use to be for the more serious FPS shooter taking skill and even they screwed that up with nurfs and also the Hardliners crossbreed of battlefield and cod. I don’t think many gaming industry’s relize Real gamers never grow out if video games, but most the people who whine, and complain are only on a gamer faze.

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