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Project Stream From Google

Google is venturing out into a new field with their new Project Stream streaming service that lets you play right from your dashboard. Now, this is not unheard of and I was expecting some cool indie developer love being showcased through this new feature. However I was wrong and thanks to Spawn Wave on youtube for sharing details on this new feature, you can sign up to beta test it out.

Odyssey Begins with a Click

Google is teaming up with Ubisoft to testing out this feature that will have gamers using their internet connection to stream through their dashboard. This, in turn, will use less stress of your computer and more of your high-speed connection like what GeForce Now offered to PC and Mac users.

This beta will let a select few tests out the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which is out on October 5th, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This is a beautiful game alongside Origins which goes through the Greek Mythos as an Assassin. I give Google credit on picking the right game to show off this new service, but I am curious as to what other companies will be on board since the only way this will be successful is if more than one party is involved just like the Steam Service.

Is this the future of gaming though? I am on the fence with this since I have tried out this feature with PS Now and there were some hiccups especially when it came to pausing a streamed game. It is safe to say that downloads have a bigger advantage hence why PS Now features a download option like Xbox Game Pass, but for people that do not have a High-End PC, this opens more gamers to be involved with the so-called “master race”. Either way please share your thoughts on the service and definitely sign up by clicking here, because space is limited. – Beast Out

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