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Dying Light 2 E3 Shock

I am shocked for a particular reason and not about the new sequel because that was already known. It was all about the new protagonist in the sequel that had my homie Lady Arsenic and I go, “Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” Check out the new E3 trailer. 

Dying Light 2’s new Protagonist

Let’s get right into the meat and potatoes of the game where our new Dying Light 2 is in distress as it seems the infected aren’t the only issue this time. Humanity seems to be going insane from the first game which was pretty tamed only dealing with the undead. Will this sequel have you deal with more human issues as well as infected? Riots to get through while fighting the dead? Who knows, but what we do know is that someone we thought that had died is now alive and is the new hero. 

Aiden Caldwell who we all thought had perished in the previous title is now back as the lead hero. Techland has been pretty quiet and in good reason keeping us on our heels about the new storyline. This time around Dying Light 2 will be choice driven where all of your actions will have rewards or consequences. Whatever you choose to complete objectives will also have an effect on the city, so be mindful and be ready for the outcome. 

Seems you will be active 24/7 as in the daytime you will be there to help out people taking care of the task. Once the sun sets you then will have to prepare to use those evasion skills against the infected. We all know that when the freaks come out at night they are ten times tougher and come in packs. 

Dying Light 2 is set to release in Spring of 2020 for the Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC. Stay tuned for further details as it develops. – Beast Out – 

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