DBrand PS5 Darkplates Review

What’s up gamers? Beast is here with a new unboxing video showing off my pre-order of the PlayStation 5 Darkplates. I pre-ordered the plates from DBrand back in February, so it was going to take some time to reach me. You know, with the delays of a lot of things because of the pandemic. To be fair when I got my PS5 digital system back in November. Many gamers wished that Sony would just have made a Black-plated system. I get the whole artistic appeal of it. The first PSone was grey, but we also had options to change the skin or special editions.

PS5 DBrand Darkplates:


Now there were situations where some tried to sell their own versions of Darkplates, even with a custom PS2 style PS5 skin. Dbrand takes it a step further by having a professional website with great instructions in full video detail. The Darkplates cost after tax is $65.95. There are waves of shipments heading out and right now if you order today the next shipment will hit probably 3 months later.

Installing was easy, do not bring up what happened to me in the video. It was pretty simple and the sticker went on smooth which most people think it is a full modification. The plates are a bit pricey, but it was worth it. The Dbrand PS5 Darkplates gets 4 paws out of 5. Hit up this link here to get your own or check out their other products. – Beast Out


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