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Criterion Closes Servers on a few Titles

Gamers, let me tell you something about my precious time racing the deadly streets of Burnout. I’ve had many fond memories of crashing into friends, doing stunts to crush my friends and of course racing against traffic and slamming into another opponent for a sweet victory. I met some cool people playing Burnout Revenge which was my favorite. It was the first Burnout title that gave you the option to attack traffic! Sigh…good times.

So, it will be both Burnout Crash and Burnout Revenge that will be ending soon and honestly…Damn you Criterion! Out of all the games to make backwards compatible you decided to end the servers. Its okay though, I had a lot of fond memories especially executing the airborne takedown after hitting a ramp and landing on top of my friend’s car ending him by taking the lead. I never played Burnout Crash though, but as I can see in the tweets many are just asking about Burnout Revenge. However, if you are still a huge fan of the series there is still Burnout Paradise which became Backwards Compatible earlier in the summer with all the DLC still available to download.

It was a good run and I wish I knew it was still active, but hopefully, a remake of Burnout Revenge will happen in the future. What was your favorite burnout title or favorite burnout moment? Share in the comment area below and be sure to add your email to our subscription box to the right. – Beast Out

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