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Burnout Paradise Remastered Review

It has been a long time since I stepped foot into Paradise City, yes the grass may be greener and I hardly girls to know if they are pretty since I am going down the street at warp speed dodging traffic, and taking out opponents. It is an open world of destruction that first came out in 2008. I originally played in on the Xbox 360 and then moved on to the PS3 version. Recently Xbox One granted players that downloaded it or owned the original to have backward compatibility which was, but now for those that never experienced it can play the newly remastered version.


DJ Atomica is back to blast the airwaves while you head on out on different missions and tackle challenges. There is no story to be had but to amuse a DJ wanting to see some destruction going on in this “peaceful” city. So, right now we are going to get right into the best part, and that’s all the destruction!

The Good:


It comes with it all for the simple price of $40 dollars which is a lot more than I paid for back when it first was released and all the DLC that came with it. You get the base game, Big Surf Island, Paradise Bikes, Cop cars, Boost Special Cars, Legendary Cars, and Toy Vehicles. Each one has its own special abilities that will help you tackle each event. You will have your speed, stunt, and my personal favorite the muscle vehicles made for road rage.


There are few events that are color-coded for your needs. Road Rage, Racing, Marked Man, Stunt Races, and burning route to name a few. There is also the famous “Showtime” that can be activated at any time by pressing the L1 + R1 button in which throws you into a crash that you have to rack up collateral damage points by crashing into cars. Buses and Street Signs give you the most points and you can try to maintain the chain as long as you can to rule that street.

That is also another note that ruling the streets is key offline and online. You will see names on streets of people that have taken it over and it is up to you to do the same either by speed or showtime. As you tackle the offline mode you can unlock new cars as you progress with a certain amount of events you pass as well as getting new licenses.

It is easy to jump into an online match just by pressing right on the D-pad either starting a Freeburn private room with friends or go into ranked/unranked matches with randoms. In Freeburn, you will not have access to the events that help you progress to the top license, but you will have other challenges with marked men, cops, and robbers, also stunt events to beat each other’s records.

The graphics, of course, look amazing and I do know the difference between playing on the PS3 and the PS4 version. It is not that drastic of a change, but many who play on the pro will appreciate the differences. The music is still the same which is surprising, but in this day and of all the copyright situations when recording a game you might as well mute it and play your own unlicensed music.

The Bad:


What is up with the game crashing on jump? I didn’t have the issue on the first day of playing, but my bro Obidebo happened to get the black stalled screen with a slow melting crawl to the home screen. I have a huge problem with games not being finished when being released and we have to wait for an update that may or may not work. It gets ridiculous at times and also makes me not want remastered titles at times.

Driving mechanics were one of the things that I wished were improves and of course, the cars from what I remember could take a stronger hit which now they feel as thin as paper. It can be repetitive quick which I find a problem with a car game that is open-world.

If you are lucky enough to get a bunch of people in a Freeburn then there is fun to be had with challenges, but the main hope is that this sparks Criterion to make a new Burnout game or something similar to Burnout Revenge would be awesome.



Burnout Paradise Remastered brings nostalgia to old fans of the series and a new place to act silly with new players. It comes booming with all the DLC for $40 which is not bad at all. There are some technical issues that need to be addressed with the crashes, but if you have the right people to play with you can have a great time ruling the city and having a lot of fun in destruction races.

In all that I give Burnout Paradise Remastered 3 paws out of 5. A special shoutout to my homie Obidebo and MTPapa for joining in also to my brother Mech who brought back many memories when this game was announced. We miss buddy and many gaming sessions. Please be sure to check out my streams on and I hope to see you again. – Beast Out




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