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Born With a Controller Interviews LuvBrd

We are back once again with another gamer sharing their story. The origin story of gamers is all different or at times they share similarities with one another. Now we sit with Luvbrd who is an enthusiastic gamer with first-person shooter passion and that is just scratching the service. Let’s take a gander and her story.

Luvbrd’s Journey to being a gamer

Kuma: All right thank you for taking the time and sitting with me. Getting the questions now and we can begin. What was your first gaming experience? Or rather what was the first game you recall ever playing?

Luvbrd: My first gaming experience was one of the very first Nintendo Gameboys. I used to play Pokémon and a racing game I can’t remember the name of. The one without a backlight, you could only play in the dark with a worm light or for a split second at a time every time you went past a streetlight.

Kuma: Ah yes, I remember having to use my little lamp just to see in the middle of the night. In that aspect when did you get your first console or did you go straight to PC?

Luvbrd: I got my first console at the age of 5 I recall. My uncle gave it to me modded by him so it could run pirated games back in the day. I got my first PC at the age of 11.

Kuma: See that is cool my uncle did the same for me with my Sega Saturn. I like that, At what point did you realize that you were born to game? What game brought you to that conclusion?

Luvbrd: It took a while for me in fact. Maybe after I got my PS2 I felt sort of addicted. I began online gaming on my PC with Battlefield 1942 and Call Of Duty 2 just to name a few, that’s when I really knew I was hooked.

Kuma: On a side note did you feel that Battlefield pave the way for FPS?

Luvbrd: I’m sure Battlefield has always been a little bit ahead of its time.

Kuma: Nice, When it comes to being a conquerer in gaming, which game did you have the most satisfaction in defeating? Or what boss gave you that victorious feeling in defeating?

Luvbrd: When I was younger, surely Makuta from the Bionicle game on PS2. Present time? I would say Shepherd from Modern Warfare 2.

Kuma: Oh wow and I thought I was the only one that enjoyed Bionicle. Great series. Shepard was an S.O.B indeed. Was it at this point you already decided on a genre that you loved the most or was it much later?

Luvbrd: I always stuck with whatever I enjoyed at the time. I grew up with Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and Medal Of Honor just to mention a few, so I guess shooters became my thing.

Kuma: Yea and it shows you have a long history in your play style with shooters. Were you part or currently in the console wars or Console vs. PC wars? If so what made you stick to your choice?

Luvbrd: I’ve never completely sold my soul to a specific platform, but there were a few things the competitor A had, but competitor B didn’t. I guess I just went with the masses, friends played on PS so I got myself a PS. But I think gaming as a hobby/job should unite all of us, not split us. No matter which platform you choose to have.

Kuma: That is a good point which it seems it is happening since games are going into the crossplay area. Out of curiosity, what struggles did you face being a gamer by society standards? I ask because some go through the ridicule or some had a lot of support.

Luvbrd: I suppose being called a no-life nerd was an insult back then. Also the basic “you perform worse because gaming is for guys only” -stuff. Also assumptions that always find their way to point towards your hobby, gaming. “You must be a really boring person if that is what you do with your free time.” I guess my parents accepting gaming as my hobby was enough to support me.

Kuma: Yea and I bet they are all kicking themselves seeing how lucrative gaming is today with people even getting eSports scholarships. Would you say you’ve made better friends with your online gaming vs. IRL or pretty much the same?

Luvbrd: I’ve made better friends through gaming. Having the option to connect with people around the world with, doing the same thing you love doing the most. Gaming. I’m pretty sure most of my friends these days are my former teammates from Battlefield or League Of Legends.

Kuma: Yes, I have to agree that my better friends have been online and I still talk to from days of Socom on PS2. Is there anything you enjoyed more about games in the past vs. now or are you liking the evolution?

Luvbrd: The monetization system hands down. I enjoyed the times you could get 100% out of the game without paying from anything else than the game itself.

Kuma: Yup, I have said they need to stop treating full-price games like Mobile games. All these Micro-transactions kill the mood. Well thank you for taking the time to chat and before we go just one last question. Lastly, any words of encouragement for new gamers coming into the scene or anything you wished someone told you?

Luvbrd: To all the new gamers out there; Just stick to doing what you love the most. See the effort to get good at a game you want to get good at and you will get there. The biggest support for your hobby is you. Don’t let anyone change your mind, chase your passion

Thanks again to Luvbrd for taking the time to sit with us and sharing her story. Again, it is all about seeing and experience how you all became gamers in the long run and what kept you all gaming. Expect many stories to happen here and we hope we can get to hear your story next. – Beast Out

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