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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Aliens have been one of the go-to Ci-Fi horror movies of the ’80s and ’90s. Aliens: Fireteam Elite takes a different path in the series by giving us a more action-oriented game. Can this makeup for the horror of Colonial Marines? We can definitely hope, but that’s why you are here to see our review of Aliens Fireteam Elite.



It is the year 2202 and the US Endeavor receives a distress call from a previously thought destroyed Katanga refinery station orbiting planet LV-895. As we go on this rescue mission come to find out Xenomorphs have swarmed the refinery. It would have been nice if the distress call gave that information out, but you gotta work with what you can. There we find Dr. Timothy Hoenikker a Weyland-Yutani Scientist. The plot thickens as we find out that there are more xenomorph eggs and a mutagenic substance that is called “The Pathogen”.

Now it is up to us Colonial Marines to investigate further and find out what the hell did these people unleash again. You would think after this whole time that Weyland-Yutani company would be a complete red flag.


Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a max of 3 players with you and 2 bots if you don’t have anyone or you can open up the party to randoms. You have 4 different load-outs to choose from. The loadouts are Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, and Doc. I stuck with Demolisher throughout this whole playthrough because I don’t move on until I completely level up one before any others. My buddy Dameian was a Technician since there is a trophy to play 3 missions with tech. As usual,f the class you pick will be limited to certain weapons. As a demolisher I a limited to Heavy Arms and Rifles. But we all are given a standard-issue pistol. However, the other classes have the option to use other pistols and weaponry.

As you play you unlike new accessories and weapons, but since each weapon can be leveled up to its max potential. I tend to stick with said weapon until I max it out. This is where the replay value comes into play that I fairly enjoy. Being that I want to be a completionist with my classes, I realized that it will be a few playthroughs before I move on to another class.

Each mission will have different objectives, but the main objective to kill all hostiles remain the same. We have to geek out about the sound effects in Aliens: Fireteam Elite because wow it was done great. Between the Xenomorphs sneaking on you and their kill sounds. Then you have had the pulse rifle sounds from the weapons. It is like being in the movie themselves, I had to appreciate how my character moved with the smart rifle as well which I have to say feels like aimbot. While aiming down sights this gun gives you a proper assist. That is only dedicated to that gun though which is good because I do not want that handicap for all the guns.

Once in the game, it was me and my buddy Dameian with one bot that switches between Alpha and Beta. At first, you would think, “Oh man, this is going to be bad.” But the A.I. actually did work and pushed hard on xenomorphs. It was a xenomorph magnet where at times we would have to go back and make sure things were dead before we moved on or the A.I. would stay behind covering us. There are other enemies you face besides Xenomorphs that give it a change of pace. With Synthroid, Pathogen Mutagen enemies, and a strain of enemy bugs. As well as face-huggers, Warrior Xenomorphs, Prowlers, Crushers, Runners, Praeterion, Bursters, and the Alien Queen.

The worst are the Prowlers because they end up in random spots ready to pounce you at any time. However there is a call out by your character when they hear one close, so pay close attention. Also, the crushers need to take special care as their heads are armored. As a Demolisher I get special cooldown abilities with a shoulder-mounted rocket and burst grenade that knocks back enemies. Find a way to knock the crusher on its back and reign hellfire upon it. It is a true bullet sponge but just concentrate your fire.

There is a way to make things interesting before each match with challenge cards. Some cards help you out but you have no experience points but others give you that right challenge with a massive XP boost. You also have access to consumables to add to your character. Choose between turrets, elemental ammo, mines, and drones.

The strategy and teamwork work well and after you are done with the main missions there is a horde mode to get into. The horde mode is straightforward, you go through different waves of enemies each growing stronger at each level. You can buy consumables to help in your fight, but once you lose that is game over.

Level up and tackle the horde to get the best score, but keep in mind if you change the difficulty level in any mode friendly fire is activated. So anything past standard will level up the friendly fire damage.

The Bad:

If there was one thing I would suggest is that gives us a quick restart option if we fail a mission. Because having to go back to the ship is just a waste of time and should just be a quick do-over option. Now when it comes to the nit-picking stage there are some graphic glitches where Xenopmorphs go through the floor or when I look through one of the vents it should not just be infinite blackness with my light flashing. It would have been nice to have some texture or depth inside the vents. Being that it is 23 years after the events of Alien 3, you would think the developers would take some liberties in upgrades to weapons and armor against the Xenomorph threat.

I mean it is known that Xenomorphs exist so why not make better plans against the acid bleeding monsters? It would have been nice to have crossplay with this game, but that is just a personal request.


Aliens: Fireteam Elite did a great job giving us an action-packed 3 player adventure that has a nice cover system that we hardly used. There is a nice level of strategy involved especially when you have to prep for a timed event during a mission. It is not overly complicated but enough to give you a thrill. The sound designs are on point and the enemies look great and creepy. Also, the stages look great, they had nice attention to detail that made you go into a nostalgic fever in certain areas. Being that the game is only $40, there is a nice amount of replay value and challenging achievements to obtain if you are a trophy hunter.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets 4.5 out of 5 paws pick it up now on the PlayStations, Xbox systems, and PC via steam or Epic Games Store. – Beast Out


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