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Achievement Unlocked: Xbox 360 Memories

This story starts off when I obtained a job with Microsoft’s competitor. When the Xbox 360 launched, I waited a few months before I obtained my own which happened in mid-February at a tourist trap store on Madison and 56th street. They sold a lot of electronics and were the only place to have the Xbox 360 at the time in a bundle. I spent close to a grand with my co-worker that came with me. It came with three old-school Xbox games and two new 360 games. The One game that caught my eye the most was Kameo as one of my first games to ever play on that system I was hooked to the beauty and the graphics, but that is just the beginning.

So many battles throughout the time and so many amazing memories that I wish I had my recording software back then. I guess the games that impact me the most were Kameo, Full Auto, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Burnout Revenge, and much more. There was a huge advantage for Microsoft being first before the other consoles were released. Their launch titles were not that bad either and the only problem they faced, in my opinion, was their red ring issue that came with a damn good warranty. There were no questions asked when your system fried, they would just replace and pay for the shipping too. I even broke my rule for this system since I usually wait a year before buying one, you know to weed out the bad systems. However, my system lasted for at least 3 years before the red ring issue ever came about. Good job.



The buddies I’ve made on the 360. Many of them bled over from the original Xbox which I still have by the way to the 360 and the battles became legendary. I met a lot of great players while being an Xbox Live member and that made the fifty-dollar price tag not bad at all. It was the best online gaming service that you paid for to me at least. I have to say the best games I had the most online experiences in were the Gears of War series, Left 4 Dead series, Crackdown, Burnout Revenge, and of course Halo series.

Most of the people that I played with could share with you some hilarious stories, especially in Burnout Revenge which was one of the best destruction style racing games out there. There was a situation when Psychowulff and his wife Ladydeath discovered the ariel takedown that made us all drop our jaw. Those are the moments that you cherish the most, those amazing situations when you discover fantastic abilities or moments.



Say what you want and I am talking about those haters that tried to crap on the system and yet still owned the system. It brought us all together with that innovative party chat system. As stated earlier, you got what you paid for having an almost seamless internet experience, with one of the best online communication interfaces for its time. Hell, you can even watch Netflix in a party chat and share a theater experience which was cool.

I swear it made the game so much better to just be in a party chat with your friends and not hear the crap from other random gamers. Thanks for starting that interface that soon became a thing for other systems and programs.

When backward compatibility was first announced for the Xbox 360, I was gitty because I was going to be able to keep the games I had, at least that’s what I thought. It was not the best experience, because the list of games they had for BC was questionable and waiting for the list to update was nerve-racking. I mean was it so hard for you to get Def Jam Fight for NY and Bloody Roar Extreme available instead of Barbies Horse Race? There was some discomfort on those decisions, but my boy Vaderfist brought up a good point that we have a lot of 360 games to look forward to. At least you gave me Jade Empire which I can appreciate.




Thank you for the friends I still keep in contact with, thanks for giving me challenges with those achievements, thanks for bringing a new experience to gaming, thanks for bringing laughs in games like Dead or Alive 4 and Saints Row. Thanks for helping me escape the mundane world for a while and leaving me satisfied. Thanks for at least trying to make backward compatibility work and so that I never had to get rid of some of my favorite games. I mean the list could have been better, but no one is perfect. Thanks for the great customer service and giving no arguments to help me fix my problems. Thanks

Finally thank you for all the great service and amazing game battles. In the end, I had fun and that was all that mattered. Stay frosty!


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