13 Sentinels Aegis Rim Review


Hallo! こにちは! First thanks for reading my writings! I’ve been writing for Beastgamerkuma formerly KZoku for a while now and I thoroughly enjoy it. Although I want to stream someday, I feel there's just something a bit more intimate with writing that readers enjoy. Perhaps it's the years of reading Game Informer, Tips&Trick, and Animerica that led me to this point. Hmm about me? Well for starters my name is Kellie, but I usually go by Kikee(キキ) and I’m just a gamer who likes to write about all things gaming. My highlights include attending EVO2016 and Tokyo Game Show 2020. I’m hoping to add Magfest to the list since it’s an hour drive from my house and I have a friend who works for it, but my own job rains on that attempt every year. I’ve been playing since like the age of 5, one of the earliest games being Mortal Kombat. I was allowed to play pretty much everything growing up with limited restrictions. As long as it kept me and my siblings quiet it was cool. My top 5 are Shenmue 2, Final Fantasy 10, and Resident Evil 4, Dynasty Warriors 4, and Tenchu Wrath of Heaven. Aside from gaming, I enjoy studying languages. I can speak conversational German and Japanese and am currently studying both in college. After a semester of living in Japan, I just knew it’s where I want to live. My dream is to hopefully become a localizer or translator for a game company in Japan, so one of my hobbies as of late has been replaying/ rewatching old video games and anime in Japanese to see what I can understand. When I am not studying or working, I love watching tv, reading books, drawing, cooking, listening to music, or binge-watching Youtube and TV. That’s about it for now, I know pretty boring ^^; no drone shots of mansion parties, Insta pics of exotic cars and vacations to Dubai, I digress I'm just a nerd on the internet.

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